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Welcome to Semicera, a division of Semicera Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd(belonging to Semicera Group), dedicated to innovating in the field of semiconductor materials. Since our inception in 2015, we specialize in the manufacture of semiconductor components, including CVD silicon carbide coating, graphite, alumina, semiconductor quartz, zirconia, and silicon nitride, catering to industries like photovoltaics, semiconductors, new energy, and metallurgy.

Our commitment to technological advancement and sustainable development is at the heart of everything we do. Upholding values of love, integrity, and social responsibility, we aim to contribute positively to our communities and the environment.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified high-tech enterprise, our growth is propelled by our dedication to quality, our team of seasoned professionals and R&D experts, and our pursuit of excellence in product design and engineering applications. Our mission is not just to deliver superior products, but to drive innovation for a better tomorrow.


Our R&D excellence extends from key materials to product applications, leading to breakthroughs with independent intellectual property rights. Our stable quality, cost-effective solutions, and outstanding after-sales service have secured customer trust and recognition.

At Semicera, commitment to excellence is our cornerstone. We cater to your unique needs in semiconductor materials and innovative solutions with unwavering support. We appreciate your trust in us!

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We offer our customers:

>Six Sigma Quality Control System
Lean 6-Sigma is applied in whole process of R&D and manufacturing to make the quality stability of the products from one batch and specification repeatability of products from different batch.
>Competitive prices and superior quality.
>Prompt delivery time.
>Super warranty and service.
>Free sample for tested.
>OEM available.

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Our company boasts a full suite of production facilities, including molding, sintering, machining, and coating, ensuring comprehensive control over product quality and the ability to implement the most cost-effective production strategies. This integrated approach not only lowers costs but also enhances our competitiveness, allowing us to offer customers superior products at more competitive prices.

Efficient, flexible production scheduling, supported by an online order management system, guarantees swift and reliable delivery to meet diverse order timelines.

Backed by our collaboration with top-tier technology centers, leading universities, and research institutes, we've formed an innovation-driven research team of PhDs, masters, and engineers. This team is the cornerstone of our sustained growth and innovation.

We warmly welcome global customers to visit and engage in technical discussions. By partnering with us, you join in our journey towards mutual growth and shared success.

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