What is the main use of zirconia ceramic material?

There are many kinds of zirconia ceramic refractory materials, zirconia structural ceramics, zirconia ceramics, zirconia ceramic materials, zirconia, AC materials, decorative materials and so on. What are the main applications of these ceramics?
1, zirconia crucible made of zirconia can successfully melt platinum, palladium, ruthenium, cesium and other precious metals and their alloys, can also be used for potassium, sodium, quartz glass, oxides and salt smelting.
2, zirconia refractory fiber zirconia fiber is the only ceramic fiber refractory long-term use of the above insulation performance of 1600c ultra-high environmental temperature is higher than alumina fiber, mullite fiber, the use of temperature and better aluminum silicate fiber, high temperature stability and chemical stability, corrosion resistance and oxidation, non-volatile, pollution-free.
1, zirconia ceramic bearing ceramic bearing has the characteristics of magnetic insulation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oil free, self-lubrication, high temperature resistance, cold resistance and so on. Suitable for extreme environment and special working conditions.
3, zirconia zirconia material grinding ball has high hardness, low wear rate, long service life, can greatly reduce the pollution of raw materials grinding, can effectively ensure the quality of the product, at the same time, zirconia material density, when the impact energy is strong grinding medium, can greatly improve the grinding efficiency, can effectively shorten the grinding time.


4, zirconia ceramic tool ceramic tool has high strength, wear resistance, no oxidation, no rust, acid and alkali resistance, anti-static, do not react with food and so on. At the same time, the leaves are shiny.
5, high temperature heating material zirconia zirconia as insulation material at room temperature and 1015 ohnan high specific resistance, the temperature rises to more than 600 degrees can conduct electricity, and 1000c is a good conductor, can be used for 1800c high temperature heating element, the highest working temperature can reach 2400c, has been successfully used in heating element 2000C oxidation atmosphere and equipment, magnetic fluid hair The research of electric electrode material is also active.
Zirconia ceramic teeth do not have the crown layer of metal teeth, good transparency, good luster, more effectively avoid sensitive teeth and gingival black line problems, has good color blocking ability, good biocompatibility, does not stimulate the oral mucosa, easy to clean, is currently the domestic and foreign high-quality porcelain teeth.
In recent years, with the rapid development of information and communication and other emerging industries, its products are more and more to the high precision, miniaturization, zirconia toughened ceramics mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance, high insulation properties of the current capabilities in this field, zirconia ceramic core and zirconia ceramic sleeve products.
Zirconia gem material is divided into natural cubic zirconia and synthetic zirconia two kinds. Zirconia has good optical properties and is a cheap and beautiful substitute for diamond.

Post time: Jun-05-2023