Long Service Life SiC Coated Graphite Carrier For Solar Wafer

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Silicon carbide is a new type of ceramics with high cost performance and excellent material properties. Due to features like high strength and hardness, high temperature resistance, great thermal conductivity and chemical corrosion resistance, Silicon Carbide can almost withstand all chemical medium. Therefore, SiC are widely used in oil mining, chemical, machinery and airspace, even nuclear energy and the military have their special demands on SIC. Some normal application we can offer are seal rings for pump, valve and protective armor etc.

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High temperature oxidation resistance
Excellent Corrosion resistance
Good Abrasion resistance
High coefficient of heat conductivity
Self-lubricity, low density
High hardness
Customized design.

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-Wear-resistant Field: bushing, plate, sandblasting nozzle,cyclone lining, grinding barrel,etc...
-High Temperature Field: siC Slab, Quenching Furnace Tube,Radiant Tube,crucible,Heating Element, Roller, Beam, Heat Exchanger, Cold Air Pipe, Burner Nozzle, Thermocouple Protection Tube, SiC boat,Kiln car Structure,Setter,etc.
-Silicon Carbide Semiconductor: SiC wafer boat, sic chuck,sic paddle, sic cassette, sic diffusion tube, wafer fork, suction plate, guideway,etc.
-Silicon Carbide Seal Field: all kinds of sealing ring, bearing, bushing, etc.
-Photovoltaic Field: Cantilever Paddle, Grinding Barrel, Silicon Carbide Roller,etc.
-Lithium Battery Field



Physical Properties Of SiC

Property Value Method
Density 3.21 g/cc Sink-float and dimension
Specific heat 0.66 J/g °K Pulsed laser flash
Flexural strength 450 MPa560 MPa 4 point bend, RT4 point bend, 1300°
Fracture toughness 2.94 MPa m1/2 Microindentation
Hardness 2800 Vicker’s, 500g load
Elastic ModulusYoung’s Modulus 450 GPa430 GPa 4 pt bend, RT4 pt bend, 1300 °C
Grain size 2 – 10 µm SEM

Thermal Properties Of SiC

Thermal Conductivity 250 W/m °K Laser flash method, RT
Thermal Expansion (CTE) 4.5 x 10-6 °K Room temp to 950 °C, silica dilatometer

Technical Parameters

Item Unit Data
SiC content % 85 75 99 99.9 ≥99
Free silicon content % 15 0 0 0 0
Max service temperature 1380 1450 1650 1620 1400
Density g/cm3 3.02 2.75-2.85 3.08-3.16 2.65-2.75 2.75-2.85
Open porosity % 0 13-15 0 15-18 7-8
Bending strength 20℃ Мpa 250 160 380 100 /
Bending strength 1200℃ Мpa 280 180 400 120 /
Modulus of elasticity 20℃ Gpa 330 580 420 240 /
Modulus of elasticity 1200℃ Gpa 300 / / 200 /
Thermal conductivity 1200℃ W/m.K 45 19.6 100-120 36.6 /
Coefficient of thermal expansion K-1X10-6 4.5 4.7 4.1 4.69 /
HV Kg/mm2 2115 / 2800 / /

The CVD silicon carbide coating on the outer surface of recrystallized silicon carbide ceramic products can reach a purity of more than 99.9999% to meet the needs of customers in the semiconductor industry.

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