19 pieces of 2 inch graphite base MOCVD equipment parts

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Product introduction and use: Place 19 pieces of 2 time substrate for the growth of deep ultraviolet LED epitaxial film

Device location of the product: in the reaction chamber, in direct contact with the wafer

Main downstream products :LED chips

Main end market: LED

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Our company provides SiC coating process services by CVD method on the surface of graphite, ceramics and other materials, so that special gases containing carbon and silicon react at high temperature to obtain high purity SiC molecules, molecules deposited on the surface of the coated materials, forming SIC protective layer.

Graphite base

Main Features

1. High temperature oxidation resistance:
the oxidation resistance is still very good when the temperature is as high as 1600 C.
2. High purity: made by chemical vapor deposition under high temperature chlorination condition.
3. Erosion resistance: high hardness, compact surface, fine particles.
4. Corrosion resistance: acid, alkali, salt and organic reagents.

Main Specifications of CVD-SIC Coating

SiC-CVD Properties
Crystal Structure FCC β phase
Density g/cm ³ 3.21
Hardness Vickers hardness 2500
Grain Size μm 2~10
Chemical Purity % 99.99995
Heat Capacity J·kg-1 ·K-1 640
Sublimation Temperature 2700
Felexural Strength MPa  (RT 4-point) 415
Young’ s Modulus Gpa (4pt bend, 1300℃) 430
Thermal Expansion (C.T.E) 10-6K-1 4.5
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 300

Company Profile

WeiTai Energy is one of the manufacturers and suppliers of silicon carbide coated epitaxial sheet pallets in China. Our main products include: Silicon carbide etch plates, silicon carbide boat trailers, silicon carbide wafer boats (PV & Semiconductor), silicon carbide furnace tubes, silicon carbide cantilever paddles, silicon carbide chucks, silicon carbide beams, as well as CVD SiC coatings and TaC coatings.

The products are mainly used in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries, such as crystal growth, epitaxy, etching, packaging, coating and diffusion furnace equipment. Buy SIC coated epitaxial sheet pallets with low prices from our factory. We have our own brand and we also support bulk. If you are interested in our products, we will give you a cheap price. Welcome to our latest high quality discount products.

Our company has the complete production equipment such as molding, sintering, processing , coating equipment, etc., which can complete all the necessary links of product production and have higher controllability of product quality; The optimal production plan can be selected according to the needs of the product, resulting in lower cost and providing customers with more competitive products; We can flexibly and efficiently schedule production based on order delivery requirements and in conjunction with online order management systems, providing customers with faster and more guaranteed delivery time.
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